The Greatest Loop is right on track to cross her wake in the Chesapeake Bay in the early part of September. We think the hardest part is most likely behind us – the northern canals, the inland rivers down to the Gulf of Mexico and the unpredictable hurricane season. Any of these could have put a serious dent in our schedule! Yet our crews have been fortunate enough to avoid lock closures, refueling delays on the Mississippi and seriously rough weather.
Some have referred to our challenge as “The Great Loop Gallop,” but we could not think of a better way to show how boating can be fun and simple; how much variety the great circle route can offer; and how the Swift 34 is a very capable and comfortable boat with plenty of living space for two or more as well as providing surprising fuel efficiency.
But don’t take our word for it, read our interview of John Wooldridge, editor in chief at PassageMaker magazine, who joined the journey between St Louis, MO and Fairhope, AL.