The Beneteau 411 also known as the Oceanis 411 outside of the US was the most popular 40 foot + sailboat that Beneteau has ever built (more than 1,000 hulls built).  Beneteau USA dropped the Oceanis name for marketing reasons in the late ‘90s but there is no difference between the Beneteau 411 (or Beneteau Series) in the US and the Oceanis 411 outside the US minus the 110v systems versus the 220v.  The Beneteau 411 was introduced in 1997 as a 1998 model as was in production until 2003.
The Beneteau 411 offers an amazingly spacious interior with beautiful, rich woodwork while providing performance and true ease of handling on the water. Her sharp lines and sumptuous comfort may catch your eye first, but it will be her sailing performance that confirms her rightful place in the Beneteau family.
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Cruising World, March 1998
Best Value in a Full-Size Cruise

Beneteau 411

A straightforward family cruising boat with all the amenities, the Beneteau 411 seemed to exemplify outstanding value in 40-plus footer. “The price is very good”, said Bill Lee, “but the boat has a lot more going for it. The whole cockpit is outstanding. It’s got a very, very good open transom arrangement, a wheel you can easily get around, and big cockpit seats that are comfortable to sleep on. And down below, there’s a very comfortable two-stateroom, two-head layout (a three-stateroom version is also available). I liked what Beneteau has done this year, and I thought their 36-foot center cockpit boat was also well done. But I’d choose an aft cockpit boat over a center-cockpit one for serious cruising.”
Peter Hogg also gave the 411 high marks for user-friendliness. “All the halyards are led back to the cockpit and the winches and sheets are right at hand, so this is an easy one to singlehand or steer when the husband or wife is off watch,” he said. “One of the best innovations we’ve seen over the years, one that Beneteau has used successfully on this boat, is the split backstay. It really makes access to the aft boarding step and swim platform very easy. It’s one of the boat’s best features, something that will make it as much fun at anchor as underway.”
One item Hogg did not like was the sail plan featuring a high-aspect furling main set on a rig incorporating a high boom. “The driving force becomes the headsail. This can affect the boat’s overall balance,” he said. “Beneteau is not alone in this approach, but the ‘mainsail’ on this rig is a misnomer. It’s not the main sail.” But Lee countered, saying, “For the purpose of the boat, raising the boom overshadows the reasons for having it down. It’s much safer for people working and playing in the cockpit. And furling mains have a lot of supporters because they’re easy to roll up. If your aim was strict performance, you’d also have to go with a deeper keel, eliminate the three-bladed fixed prop, and so on. But you’d have a far different boat, one that didn’t motor as well or have the range you get with a shoal draft. “That versatility, along with a great price, was a winning formula.
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Beneteau 411 Sail Plan

Beneteau 411


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