Perfect Package Extended: Beneteau Oceanis 34 Review

Andi Robertson sails the Beneteau Oceanis 34 Marseille and   declares it the perfect family cruiser that ticks all the boxes.

LAST year the Beneteau Oceanis 31 was one of my boats of the   year. A perfect little package which does just about everything in a neat   tidy easy to handle boat which performed admirably. And good looking to boot.

Now it’s been supplanted by the Oceanis 34 which does   everything the 31 does, but with a little more space and room.

It is the perfect family cruiser; light and spacious for her   size with an excellent, modern, easy driven hull and simple, spacious deck   layout.

Yet, try to put your finger on what these smaller Oceanis   designs do best and it is not easy. They are simply good across the board,   excellent average marks across the score card if you like, and that is what   Beneteau are especially good at.



Beneteau 34: 2009 Best Value
This affordable performance cruiser is a blast to sail, with details often lacking on more expensive boats.
by Mark Pillsbury
Designer Notes:

The challenge of the Océanis 34 was : Being quick, easy handling, being   elegant, having volume, having all comfort in a reasonable price!


The   Oceanis 34 belongs to the family (Océanis 31, 34, 37) that we designe for the   Beneteau shipyard. It takes again a large part of the equipments :

  • Big          cockpit with its steering wheel, its bib case, its cockpit table
  • Halyards handling in front of the cockpit
  • Sheet          track handling near the helmsman