B&G has developed a software update for Zeus, Zeus, Zeus Glass Helm and Vulcan series displays. The new software includes features such as Advanced WindPlot, Device Registration and C-Map charting improvemenWindPlot Dual Mode View shows the tack color coding to the left and tack bar on the right.   



WindPlot is available on the B&G Zeus and Vulcan products and it lets users keep track of wind speed and direction. The new software features Advanced WindPlot, a type of Time Plot available on Zeus units only. It’s designed to help understand recent changes in wind speed and direction. Updates to WindPlot are intended to provide users with a clearer view of wind trends, easier comparison of true wind speed to true wind direction and better display in small panels for use alongside charts, RacePanel or SailSteer.
An optional “tack bar” feature has been added that identifies the point of sail along with the tack of the boat. The Dual Mode view can color-code TWD for port/starboard tack. Data values are logged and provided to the user as values per tack.
The software update offers a new device registration option. Once a device is registered, future software updates are sent directly through the device. Device Registration can be completed during start-up or in the system settings. To complete registration, users need to connect their device to the internet or us a smart device with access.
Also new, the software includes enhancements to the C-MAP chart presentation with the introduction of a new palette that matches several common hydrographic office presentations. The update is most apparent near shore, where colors used for land, docks, anchorage areas, water and channels are differentiated.
Finally, Navionics’ Dock-to-Dock AutoRouting and C-MAP’s Easy Routing are now available for use in U.S. territorial waters. Navionics says the feature simplifies route creation by automatically plotting the shortest and safest course based on the boat’s draft, beam and height. Dock-to-Dock Autorouting requires a Navionics+ or Navionics Platinum chart, while Easy Routing needs a C-Map Max-N+ map.