Hello everyone,
François Badatcheff, owner of the F30 Chacastal II and member of the F30 JK class, took pleasure in telling us about his participation in the Spi Ouest France (Atlantic).
We are delighted to publish his article on the blog.

“Well it’s over, the SPI OUEST has slid back into its sleeve and the crews have returned to their homes with a small twinge of sorrow, since these reunions with racers and these moments of intense friendship are really very enjoyable.
It was another very fine race, even if the wind was lacking somewhat with only 7 legs raced in IRC3.
For her first year, the boat did not perform as well as we hoped, but considering she was delivered one month earlier and only took part in two preparation regattas, this meant it was too early know the boat well and familiarize the crew with the new trims.
However, after 4 intensive days, some broad lines can already be identified.
You need to find the mainsail and genoa trimmings to build up speed which remains the big problem today in racing, and to perfect the mast trimmings in the different wind forces, but in this respect progress has been made.
You mustn’t make the boat heel more than 20°, otherwise it slides on the chine.
You need to change the mainsail tackle organization, to avoid it crossing when tacking with crew in this type of race.
You need to change the pit manoeuvres plan to include the foot rope and the Cunningham.

There is plenty of space everywhere on deck and, of course, in the cockpit. During the race this was very comfortable, with a boom sufficiently high when cruising. All the women and children of the racers enjoyed this when visiting the boat.
Once the trimmings were found, the boat quickly beats to and is propelled among the leaders; particularly in gentle breeze conditions (cf. the rounding of the windward and leeward markers on Sunday morning behind Axiome and Charette 3, before the leg was cancelled).
There are no problems running before the wind and easing out with speeds equal to that of the A31 and Sun Fast 3200, for a much greater weight, linked to the interior comfort.
The helm is truly a delight, with a comfortable sharp response and great precision.

In short, if you take the pleasure of sailing this boat into consideration, you need to accept a period of trial and error linked to the control of a new concept uncommon with this type of sailing yacht, which offers innovative solutions combining comfort and performance.
It is up to us to master this thoroughbred and to learn its characteristic in depth, but all the new owners are already working on this so that you can share our pleasure in sailing this new yacht.” F. Badatcheff
Once again, thank you François!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.