Sunday, May 19, 2013


J/70 sailor Brandon Flack and family crew(Stonington, CT)- After this past weekend’s J/70 competition in the Annapolis NOOD Regatta, we received an amusing note from Brandon Flack sailing their J/70 with his wife and two kids. 
Here’s Brandon’s commentary for other women, children, family sailors:
“A couple of things I wanted to share that people have asked me about…
One- My wife is not a sailor. She is learning as we go with this thing, and she is game for anything we can do as a family.
Two- Neither of my kids are die-hard Opti sailors. Both take lessons and have done some regatta’s, but they are by no means top of the fleet sort of kids. My son Dylan (8) is still a green fleeter (yes, the kid you saw steering a lot downwind).
Three- We enjoy all this together, but by no means are we completely into it. The kids enjoy the hotel pool, flight, heck pushing the buttons on the elevator, just about as much as the sailing. However, they do love the whole package and while educating them about Jimmy Buffet on the road trip home they said that last weekend was one of the best vacations ever!
My point is we are your typically family where the husband has probably sailed more then the rest. We have a self-imposed limit of 15 kts breeze and three races per day that we have established to keep it fun and safe, and we TRY to keep it light on the water (I need the most help with this… We almost had to call social services during a few of those huge shifts and lulls!!!).
We really hope more families or teams with kids get out and race with us. It’s a tribute to the J/70 that we can do this easily and really enjoy it together.
We have the Sheraton (8 min from AYC) booked again for next year at $89 a night and the kids want more friends at the indoor pool (where they serve drinks for Mom & Dads might I add)!!”  Thanks for contribution from Brandon Flack.


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