It is reported that there were (9) nine Slocum 37(s) built at Hai-O Yacht Building Corp in Taiwan.  Hull #9 was built in 1988.  The Stan Huntingford designed Slocum 37 was a refined version of his original Rafiki 37.

LOA 36’9”

LWL 31’9”

Beam 11’8”

Draft 6’

Ballast 10,000 to 11,000 lbs

Displacement 27,000 lbs

Headroom 6’3” to 6’5”

Fuel 145 gallons

Water 200 gallons

Mast Height 54’

Sail Area 852 sq ft

Designer Stan Huntingford

From the original brochure:

The Design in General.

Renowned yacht designer Stan Huntingford, designed the Slocum 37

to meet the following requirements:


The “Slocun 37” is a safe, sea friendly, responsive: powerful proven hull. It handles with ease and gives the feeling of confidence and seaworthiness.


Uncluttered decks for ease of handling under all weather conditions.


Remember the days when beautiful sailing yachts were built full of old world craftsmanship whatever happened to them? Did our modern materials make 1t too easy to provide full headroom and six berths in a twenty-s1x footer?

However a sailing craft can once again be beautiful and the “Slocum 37” is living proof of it.


The aluminum mast and S.S. rigging on the “Slocum 37” is supplied by Isona. spars, known for their advanced design features, The mast has internal halyards and two P.V.C. conduits for all electrical and radio antennas. slab reefing 10 standard with internal outhauls in the boon.

The Slocum 37″ standard sail inventory consists of:

Mainsail, no 1 yankees and staysail, all sails are dacron and triple stitched.


Designer Stan Huntingtord | a sailor with a formidable racing record, and many years of successful cruising) has no patience with Mickey Mouse gear.He and many others, recommend the Perkins 4-108 rubber mounted with a flexible coupling to the shaft as in our installation, it is comfortably quiet under power and easy to maintain.


Having designed the Slocum 37″ for a serious cruising capability. It has tankage capacity in keeping with the real cruising requirements.

With 145 gallons of diesel fuel aboard running at economic revolutions, the range under power is approximately 850 miles.

Plenty of water in two S.S tanks, 200 gallons is available for extended voyaging.


All the Slocum yachts are built under constant supervision of Cruising Yachts International Ing quality control team, and combine the latest building methods with the old-worlds fInest craftsmanship. The combination of this is a yacht that presents pride in ownership, happiness and contentment with the feeling of safety at sea. A sensational feeling,

and a sound investment.

Thus- a brief outline of the thinking that has described the

“Slocum 37” a traditional and time proven design with modern materials and equipment. A ship that is fast, honest, state and simple with accommodations large for her overall length.

A ship at sea, miles offshore, becomes a complete world of environment. your only one. Everything must work, and work well.For that reason all the gear on the “Slocum 37” from her anchor to her engine is the best, and her construction techniques surpass all normal requirements.

Whether you use her for weekend, coastal cruising or as a live aboard, she will give you unending pleasure and satisfaction.

On the other hand, If you feel the urge to cast off for the blue waters of the Caribbean, or the South Seas, you won’t have to change your shin. Just your way of life. What could be better?


Both deck and hull are hand laid up Fiberglass, built to A.B.S. specifications. The deck has a balsa core inner layer and the hull has Airex core. This method creates a maximum stiffness strength and Insulation, and eliminates the ever annoying problems of hull dampness and mildew in the lockers.

The fiberglass schedule is in accordance with procedures normally employed on yachts ten to twenty feet longer than the ” Slocum 37″

Her hull and deck bonding system are the most positive that we know of. A system that turns the hull and deck into an enormously strong “T” beam. All through hull fittings are navel bronze with seacocks wired to a central bonding system.

We feel there is no place on an ocean going ship to subsidize quality and safety for inferior products and building methods.


A surprisingly large number of yachting people are moving abroad and living within the confines of a 20 to 45 foot ship.  For the live-aboard or the long distance cruiser, the amount of living and storage space is most critical.

The “Slocum 37″ with her long waterline of 32′, her beam of 11’8″ and the 6’5” to 6’8” headroom offers the ultimate in spacious functional and luxurious accommodations. An expansive and efficient galley.

“racious elegant salon, a private forward cabin and a separate

head -alwar compartment.

The forward cabin has a double bunk with plenty of locker and drawer space and a full size hanging locker; it offers complete privacy from the rest of the boat.

A comfortable head with a separate shower-tub arrangement, all one piece molding, offers a convénience rarely found on yachts her size.

The salon has adequate seating space for entertainment with plenty of books and storage space. The high-low table will make into a double berth if so required.

The galley is supplied by hot and cold water, has deep double sinks, lots of drawers and a dry food storage locker, aish locker and a large cooler and freezer box properly insulated.

The navigation station is unparalleled in efficiency and convenience.  It is large enough to plot your course and unfold your chart, contrary to most yachts.Plenty of space is available to install radio and navigation equipment.

A double quarter berth is located on the starboard side aft of the navigation station. The cabin has two two-way opening aluminum hatches and all opening ports along the cabin sides to give good cross ventilation



The “Slocum 37′ is cutter rigged because apart from the simplicity (and economy) of only one mast and its rigging, the cutter rig is near perfect for single handling. She balances equally well under full

in the mainsail, a reef in the staysail and no 2 jib.All these and many more well balanced combinations are possible, right down to the storm sails, or storm trysail in place of the main and a reefed staysail, when she will lay round weather a great gale with confidence.

Also, on this hull size calc. sail is within the area limit capable of being handled by the average person.


Her well planned deck layout allows for easy handling by a couple or the single-handed sailor. Uncluttered decks are a must on any seaworthy yacht and the nice, wide teak laid decks, complimented by all S.S. hardware, are just that on the “Slocum 37”.

No tightrope act is involved in going forward, the deep shiplike bulwarks and closely spaced double lifelines give a great sense of security in rugged going. The cabin top has handrails on port and starboard side with three dorade vents and aluminum hatches to give adequate ventilation and extra light down below.


The T-shaped cockpit in the “Slocum 37” is engineered with contoured seats and high sloping coamings for safety and body comfort, whether lying down or sitting up.

All ships seem to have a vocal point somewhere and in this one it will probably be the helmsmans secure position at the wheel and the outboard rudder, which is the simplest method, and the strongest and most easily maintained yet to be devised.

The cockpit has plenty of sail locker space, which eliminates the problem of stowing extra sails in the forepeak. A molded gas bottle locker with an overboard vent is located under the helmsman seat. The engine controls are on the pedestal. For the cruising minded sailor a cockpit shower 1s installed.Self-tailing winches are located on the cockpit coaming for the ease of sail handling.

Why We Build the Slocum 37

As our thinking is strictly in terms of a healthy cruising ship designed to fit the ever-changing mood of the sea, rather than some racing rule, we turned to the designer Colin Archer type hard-working Norwegian double enders. These types in their final development had reached a pinnacle of evolutionary design excellence. They were stout weather craft that stayed out and kept working in the wildest of North Sea conditions. Times have changed dramatically since those tough, hard days, but there has been very little observable change in the condition of a windswept sea.

First cost and maintenance considerations were also important factors. With unlimited funds one can accomplish just about anything, but how many among us are so situated?

We finally settled on the size of our double ender at 37’, with a generous beam of 11’8” and a draft of 6’. She is a ship of heavy displacement with a nice “S” shape section, an easy turn of the bilge, and fairly full garboards to allow good fuel and water tankage under the cabin sole, with an ideal level engine installation.

Despite the emphasis on ocean cruising, the Slocum is not a Spartan single-purpose machine. She was designed to be equally suited for a gentle summer week-end cruise. Modern sheet winches, slab reefing, and boomed staysail make her easy to sail short-handed.

All sheet winches can be handled from the cockpit. The fine forward entry and “drag free” lines unencumbered by separate rudders or other protrusions allow her to be easily driven under light airs.

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