Interview of Andraz Mihelin of Groupe Beneteau by No Frills Sailing  Murray Yacht Sales will have her FIRST 36 out on the water in the Fall of 2022.
Andraz Mihelin introducing the new FIRST 36
As the joint venture of Beneteau, the largest pleasure craft boat builder in the world, with Seascape two years ago was a first step (and a very clever maneuver too), with the new First 36 Beneteau starts the announced strategy to close the gap between the new First Yacht 53 flagship and the small First exSeascape racing boats from 14 to 27 feet. We at Beneteau knew already for months that there was a new 36-footer coming up, but of course, have been restricted in our communication.
The First 36 will be made of infused glass composite, no wood bulkheads, and the interior will be painted so no veneers.



Beneteau Gulf Coast

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