Hurricane Irene is the first of the 2011 hurricane season. Glance back  through Cruising World‘s archives to find expert advice on weathering  the storms to come.

      by The Editors
It's Hurricane Season
Maarten Van Hasselt
Hurricane Ike left Maarten van Hasselt’s Bristol 40 Joan II high and dry.

These three articles will help you prepare hurricane season.
How To Prepare Your Boat for a Storm by Ed Eisenberger
“If you’re planning to move your boat prior to a hurricane, take the boat there on a trial run, noting how long it takes as well as any problems you might encounter under actual emergency conditions. Are there any bridges? Many communities require drawbridges to be “locked down” when a hurricane watch is issued. During Hurricane Andrew, many boat owners were prevented from moving their boats to more protected locations because bridges were locked down.”
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