J/9 hull molding
Hull #1 is out of the mold! Sitting on a shop cradle, the hull is stunning, seemingly already gliding effortlessly through the water. Shown here in the prototype shop at CCF Composites, hull #1 is being utilized for constructing and verifying patterns for key interior components such as the main cabin berths and shelves, forward v-berth, and additional bulkheads. The main bulkhead, mast step and keel floors are fitted, and once patterns are finished it will move into the assembly area.
J/9 deck molding
Meanwhile, the J/9 deck mold is completed and the first deck is underway. The deck is shown below with just the skin coat applied. To this will be added structural fiberglass skins on either side of Corecell foam to produce an extremely strong but lightweight structure. 
The J/9 structural and laminate engineering is being designed by Steve Koopman of SDK Structures, a leading engineering firm with extensive background in high-performance sailing.
J/9 deck jig molding
Above, a new fiberglass drilling jig is fit over the deck plug. They will position hardware on the deck plug and take the boat for a “virtual sail” to finalize hardware locations. We are excited to get the first boat in the water soon as Spring has sprung here in New England. We expect the first boat to be launched and sailing in the first week of May. Be sure to contact your J/Boats Dealer NOW to make arrangements for a demonstration sail in the near future.