Powerful on the wind and fast off it, this new design from J/Boats promises comfort in port and hardware around the buoys. A review from our June 2008 issue
by Steve Callahan
J/122: Ready to Kick Up Its Heels
Billy Black
Out on Chesapeake Bay last fall, the new J/122 was perfect for a crew of young bucks who were scurrying round the buoys in a stiff breeze of 18 knots, with frequent gusts into the mid-20s, half of the main going wobbly to keep their boat on its feet as they rocketed upwind and down. Already with a string of significant race firsts, it’s clear that the J/122 is a performance-oriented boat.

And even after we Boat of the Year judges climbed aboard and took over the helm and sheets, “Fast” was the first observation that judge and former racer Tom Linskey recorded in his sailing notes. But his observations and reflections soon arrived at this question: Given that the design being tested was “80 percent racer, compared with this J’s cruisier sisters, the J/42 and the J/46, is the J/122 a cruising boat?”  READ REVIEW