aa(Marstrand, Sweden)- Peter Gustafsson from Sweden recently had a chance to sail the new J/88 one-design family speedster.  After postponing sailing on the first day due to massive thunderstorms headed for Rhode Island, Peter was game for a sail on what appeared to be a misty, foggy Tuesday morning for his BLUR.se test sail on the J/88.  After a quick photo session and review on board, we headed out into Narragansett Bay with about 100 yards visibility in what was going to be a quick test in “pea soup” fog.
However, within a half hour the fog burned off, with Castle Hill Inn basking in all her glory and the spectacular sunlit rocks at the opening of Jamestown’s Mackerel Cove made for an extraordinarily picturesque sail.  After beating out into the Atlantic Ocean, we turned downwind and set the spinnaker for a “double-handed” test of the J/88’s ability to set/ gybe/ takedown with the high-aspect asym chute.  In short, in 8-14 kts breeze, she planes quite readily in the 8-10 kts boat speed range. Here is some of Peter’s commentary:
“The weather wasn’t cooperating when we left the slip at NYYC in Newport. Rain and fog, but at least some breeze. The J/88 looked really good, even from afar, and there were positive comments from the guys working at the dock.
It looked sleek, clean and fast even when it’s parked. Just like the J/111 that we race ourselves. I hate to admit it, but the J/88 actually look even better from some angles.
The first thing you notice is the cockpit. It’s huge. It feels like on the J/111, but without the wheel. Great access to mainsheet and fine tune, traveller and backstay.Only possible improvement would be to add more purchase to the backstay, since you really need it to de-power the main.
The layout works both with a dedicated mainsail trimmer or if the helmsman is doing everything. Shorthanded you have great access to the jib winches as well. I loved to be able to sit well forward to get the weight right in the light stuff.”  To read more about Peter’s BLUR.se J/88 sailing review.
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