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The J/88 design and boatbuilding team has been hard at work on the J/88 project. The new hull mold was moved into the main molding room at CCF last week and yesterday the first hull was “hatched.” She’s a beauty, and we can now officially say that spring fever has hit J Boats!  The NEW J/88 will be out sailing THIS SUMMER 2013!!!
hull deck
We are eagerly anticipating the launch of the J/88. Hull #1 was decked yesterday and will move into final assembly and keel installation next week. Hulls #2 and 3 are underway and the J/88 line is taking shape alongside the J/70 and J/111 lines at the CCF Composites facility in Bristol. The whole industry is keyed up for the launch. The team at Hall is ready to step the carbon mast, Thurston is cutting canvas, Harken is standing by with the block kit and furler, Mack-Boring set to sea-trial the Yanmar engine, and North Sails ready to bend on the carbon 3DI sails.
Where to See & Sail a J/88
We are now scheduling demo-sails starting in Newport, RI on July 10th, and continuing daily through August. We encourage dealers to bring their sales team for a dedicated demo-sail and J/88 orientation and then later return with individual clients. Please contact Kendra or Bryn at the office to confirm a demo-sail date.
For those who can’t make it to Newport this summer, the J/88 will soon be “on tour” making the rounds at most of the major shows this fall including Newport, Southampton and Annapolis. Over the next six months boats will be on their way to five different countries including New Zealand, UK, Germany, Canada and the USA; and within the USA to Chesapeake Bay, Long Island Sound, Galveston Bay, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Michigan (Chicago), Gulf of Maine, Marblehead, San Francisco and more.
New J/88 Splashes
We’re pleased to report that J/88 hull #1 is now splashed and undergoing initial sea-trials in Narragansett Bay. She’s a beauty to look at and to sail. Hats off to the team at CCF Composites for a first class build, and to the many project partners for their hard work and support including Hall Spars, Harken, North Sails, B&G, Bayside Navigation, and John Fox Designs.
First reactions are always telling, and there’s no question with the J/88, we have a boat that will put smiles on faces. She accelerates like the J/70 and tracks like the J/111. There’s an instant response to fine adjustments in helm and trim that you’d expect from a high performance J. At the same time there’s a feeling of security while sitting in the cockpit, and a feeling of confidence as the boat handles the waves and wind.
The ergonomics are fantastic. It’s easy to move in and out of the cockpit with plenty of hand and footholds, nothing big to step over. The driver can trim the mainsail single-handed style or have a dedicated main trimmer and both be comfortably positioned. The open cockpit area behind the traveler provides extra seating and ondeck cooler storage, perfect for picnic swim/sails with a pile of kids aboard. Belowdecks, one can sit on the settees and lean back with full sitting headroom under the side decks. The main bulkhead opening is several inches wider than normal making passage forward to the head or to the spinnaker easier.
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