J/108 shoal performance cruising sailboat- the ultimate sailing boat for cruisersNEW
J/108 In Miami Boatshow
Visit Slip #24-B At Miamarina/ Bayside Feb 17-21
(Miami, FL)- If you’re ready to experience sailing the ultimate freedom machine, then don’t hesitate to head for Miami, enjoy a bit of sunshine and beautiful Florida weather, and check out the latest of J’s shoal-performance cruisers/ daysailers- the J/108.  Proven performance on all points of sail, the J/108 demonstrates that you really can “have your cake and eat it, too”!  How often can you sail a boat into waist deep water, enjoy an afternoon picnic over the weekend with family and friends at the beach, then hit the Wednesday night “beer-can race” and enjoy a frolic around the buoys with your club buddies? The new J/108 underwent sea-trials in demanding Bay of Biscay conditions off Les Sable’d’Olonne, France in 12-18 knot winds and 6-12 foot seas rolling in from a distant North Atlantic gale.  The J/108s “finger-tip control” in such conditions instills confidence and, combined with its beautiful, comfortable, spacious interior, considerably expands your cruising range for a 35 foot sailboat– dare venture where few other sailboats can go!  For more J/108 shoal-performance sailboat information.

New J/95 trailer/ sailer with deck step mast for easy trailering/ bridge hoppingNEW
J/95 Trailer/ Sailer!
Go Sailing the Ultimate Freedom Machine
(Newport, RI)- If you thought the original J/95 was a versatile sailboat to start with, imagine having the ultimate trailer/ sailer cruising boat- the NEW J/95 with deck-stepped mast option.  Now you can go sailing literally anywhere in the world where there’s a launch ramp.  Wake-up to a spasm of inspiration on a gorgeous day, toss in a weekend’s worth of food & drink, hook up your 95 in the driveway, then cruise down the highway to your favorite lake or bay in your deluxe sailing “camper”.  What could be better?  Your cruising horizons literally have no limit, especially since the J/95 is designed and engineered to ISO “Yacht” standards and can safely sail offshore when others are running for shelter.
The first J/95 with the deck-stepped mast option is headed to J-Lane in Switzerland.  As Peter Bangerter said, “my client fell in love with the J/95 last year, but had a specific requirement – the need to be able to travel under a low bridge while transiting between two Swiss lakes by water.” The new option was engineered by the team at Hall Spars and can be fitted to a standard J/95. The deck assembly includes a conduit for mast wiring and the entire assembly can be removed from the boat.
To raise the spar, a forward halyard is run through a whisker/gin pole attached to the front of the mast (and sticking up about 10′) while two support lines (rigged on mast like a single lazy jack) and run through the jib blocks and back to the primary winches for supporting the mast side to side. The pictures above of the “test fitting” show a forklift fork acting as a short lever arm (where the whisker pole would be).  The new system will permit two people to manage raising and lowering the mast.  How cool is that!?  Go sailing on your ultimate freedom machine now!  Call your J Dealer nearest you for more details or a demo sail.  For more J/95 shoal-performance sailboat information.