J 95 Sailing UpwindJ/95 Annapolis Show Interview with Rod Johnstone (Annapolis, MD)- Alan Block from Sailing Anarchy was covering the Annapolis Boatshow for SA enthusiasts. Alan and Jeff Johnstone participated in the forum regarding “Saving Sailing/ Growing Sailing”- one of the many activities where J/Boats continues to support the community of sailing and grow the sport. Alan also had an opportunity to discuss with Rod J the insights and concepts that hatched the ground-breaking, highly innovative J/95 shoal-draft cruiser– the nearly perfect boat for those who love to sail ANYWHERE weather and draft limitations permit them (e.g. a beach or the most secluded anchorage inaccessible to no one but yourself!). For a great perspective, take a look at Alan’s exclusive SA Innerview- here’s the link.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVHBlVZhyCM
J 95 Cockpit
Stanton with Rod aboard the J 95
J 95 Underbody