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Leopard 39 Catamaran: A Cool Cat Gets a Functional Facelift

With feedback from charterers and owners, Robertson & Caine gave the successful Leopard 384 hardtops for the cockpit and raised helm station, solar panels—and a new name.

By Zuzana Prochazka
January 25, 2011

There’s been a proliferation of cats on the waterfront lately; not the four-legged furry kind but the two-hulled fiberglass kind that are making a mark on the cruising scene with increasing frequency, like the Leopard 48, and the Leopard 44. The Leopard 39 is the latest small kitty cruiser, and is the baby of the Leopard fleet. It’s available in the Sunsail four-cabin charter version or the Leopard three-cabin owner model.

The basic hull and deck design is identical to its predecessor, the multi-award winning Leopard 384, but the new boat benefits from quite a bit of owner and charterer feedback and has added some very functional features that got it renamed as a whole new Leopard 39.’s Review

Leopard 39: Owner Reviews
Jun 24, 2014 – Daniela Clark

Now that the Leopard 39 has been on the market for some time, our owners have accumulated some longevity of experience aboard their boats. There’s no better time to reach out to them for some reviews, especially since we have a Leopard 39 available for immediate ownership in the US. Read the reports below, listed by boat name and cruising grounds. We’re glad to see that they’ve mentioned many of the Leopard 39’s great features that we’re proud of, so we’ve highlighted some of them in bold throughout the article.

Full Deck, Florida/Bahamas-East Coast USA
“Owning a sailboat is all about sailing, and having previously owned a 46 foot racer-cruiser, we were concerned about the sailing performance of a catamaran. The Leopard 39 exceeded our expectations in both upwind and off-wind sailing and we leave many of our monohull friends far behind when sailing. Ease of sail handling is important when cruising and getting the mainsail up and down and the jib unfurled and furled is all accomplished by one person at the helm station and couldn’t be easier. Sail trim is accomplished with the touch of a button, and the boat itself is a very stable platform under all sailing conditions.

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This amazing article about the Leopard 39 describes perfectly the smallest catamaran of our Leopard fleet. To find out more about the Leopard 39, follow the link below and enjoy the reading!

Download the Leopard 39 review (PDF – 1,86MB)’s Review

LEOPARD 39′: The (South African) cat gets its claws out

The presentation of the Leopard 40’ (MW #80) at the 2004 Grand Pavois was a first test, aiming to gather the reactions of the European clientele. That of the 39’ at Cannes, Le Nautic in Paris, and the La Grande Motte multihull boat show is a matter of a more assertive winning strategy. We dedicated two days to the test of this catamaran, which has aroused the interest of the observers.

South Africa so close to the West Indies?
In 1991, John Robertson and Jerry Caine created a boatyard at Woodstock (!) in the suburbs of Cape Town. Their reputation, associated with the attractive cost of local labour, encouraged Moorings to establish, in 1995, a close relationship with the builder, and surf on the demand for charter catamarans, which was growing fast at the time. A full range (38′, 42′, 45′, 62′) was created progressively and exported to the charter company’s bases in the Caribbean, then all over the world. Setting up in the American zone encouraged local development; the Leopards only make rare excursions to Europe.


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