Torqeedo’s new Travel models offer a lot of power and range at a small size and weight. The Travel 503 is equivalent to 1.5 hp, while the 1003 is comparable to 3 hp. Both models possess more power than their predecessors, are tougher and are completely waterproof to IP67 standards. In addition, the 1003 offers a battery with 30% more capacity and an even higher level of efficiency than before. Unlike conventional systems, Torqeedo’s lithium-manganese batteries enable a great amount of energy to be stored per pound of battery weight. At slow speed, the range of a Travel motor exceeds 12 nautical miles. A display located inside the tiller shows precise information about the remaining range, as well as current speed, power consumption and state of charge. Speed and range information is calculated with the help of the integrated GPS. If the remaining charge of the battery drops below 30% an acoustic warning is triggered. Both models can also be rigged for remote throttle.
A Solar Powered OB?
To help power the motor in a more environmentally-friendly way, foldable 3′ square, solar panels utilizing CIGS-technology are available. The absorbed sun energy is stored in the weatherproof and UV-resistant modules, so they still deliver electricity even when the sky is cloudy or dull. When the panels are combined with a Torqeedo Travel, users get one of the lightest and smallest solar-powered drives in the world, with a total weight of only 31 lbs. With the smallest carbon footprint of any propulsion motor, Torqeedo’s electric outboards don’t pollute the atmosphere with exhaust fumes or oil. Due to their eco-friendliness, these efficient power packs are ideal for use on gasoline engine-restricted waters. They’re great for dinghies, tenders, and any other sailboat up to a weight of 1,653 lbs. for the 503 or 3,000 lbs. for the 1003. More: