By Don Finkle, RCR Yachts (Part 1 of 2):
I spent 3 hours in Newport, RI on the new J/111. I had seen the boat several times previously during stages of production, but this was my first time aboard the finished product. She was on a mooring in the harbor off the NYYC, and the first impression was very positive as I walked down the dock to the launch and saw her floating there. The 36 foot 111 looked awesome, fast, sleek and modern, just waiting to be taken for a spin. You know how some boats “just look right”? Well, the J/111 is one of those, the proportions are balanced, the freeboard not too high, the rig tall, the lines clean, and the whole package just seeming to be in harmony.  READ REVIEW

By Don Finkle, RCR Yachts (Part 2 of 2):
I came away from our afternoon sail wanting to do it again, the J/111 is so much fun that you beg for more. I loved the acceleration, the feel of the helm, the way it moved through the water. The sail controls were in the right place and easy to use. One impression I returned home with was just how little fuss was required to attain the speed we were going. This is a boat that should not demand a lot of effort.   READ REVIEW

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