‘Sailing Fitness and Training – New Edition!’    Michael Blackburn   

Secrets of success in sailing are revealed in Dr Michael Blackburn’s new edition of Sailing Fitness and Training now, for the first time, available as a digital version – via download on Amazon.com.
What’s New?
Blackburn, a Sports Scientist, World Champion Sailor and Coach, has enhanced his guide to sailing fitness with the benefit of another 10 years experience. The latest version includes practical advice that helped him win a Laser Worlds in 2006 and coach World Sailor of the year Tom Slingsby to victory in 2010.
How Will it Help?
Sailing Fitness and Training focuses on the human physical factors that affect sailing performance. You’ll discover how to develop your strength, endurance, flexibility and agility for sailing and then how to recover quicker to do it all again! This edition includes more of the training techniques that will help you get fitter quicker and work consistently over the long term.


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