From the fleet of new models tested in October, our independent judges cull six of the best new raceboats for 2014 Sailing World Boat of the Year.
by Dave Reed
J 88 BOTY Murray Yacht Sales
The sweet spot for J/Boats has always been the 30-foot range, and in years past they’ve had great runs with models like the J/29, the J/30, and the J/105. To meet the demands of owners today to be able to haul and store themselves, the team at J/Boats has come up with a design that’s more versatile than any like models before it. It’s not revolutionary, the judges say, but when it comes to practicality, it’s perfect. At roughly 5,000 pounds, the J/88 has a deck-stepped rig and a single-point lift so it can be hauled with a hoist and parked in the driveway—or put on the interstate for the occasional class championship.
J 88 2014 BOTY Award Murray Yacht Sales
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“We’re delighted to pass along that earlier today Sailing World named the J/88 as their best new One-Design as part of their 2014 Boat-of-the-Year Awards. There was high praise from the judges for the J/88’s design, sailing qualities and construction.
Congratulations to the build team at CCF Composites for a great job and to the whole J network for supporting the launch of the J/88. Demand continues to build globally, and tooling is just shipping to France so that J Composites can begin producing J/88s for the European market this spring.”
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