Maybe you already know about ultrasonic antifouling.
In the interests of the health of the water where you sail, you’d really like to use ultrasonic antifouling; but you’re not in a marina and can’t connect to shore power.
Now Ultrasonic Antifouling has the answer.
‘But anyway,’ you might be saying if you haven’t encountered ultrasonic antifouling, ‘What is it, how does it work and why should I use it?’

Ultrasonic Antifouling is a revolutionary way to protect a boat from fouling using high frequency, low power sound waves to destroy algae and prevent weed and barnacle growth. The system has been carefully researched and developed and is now being used with great success in many places all over the world.
A worldwide network of Approved Installation Centres is currently being appointed by the company to deal with the growing interest and demand for the product.
However, their revolutionary and eco-friendly Ultra system might have transformed and superseded traditional methods of antifouling, but that didn’t help if you could not connect to shore power. Now, it’s changed, as they have added an exciting new to their product range – the Ultra Solar.
This solar controller has been specially designed to control the power between solar panels, battery and the Ultrasonic Antifouling system.
The intelligent unit keeps your battery in good health and provides the Ultrasonic system with the correct amount of electrical power. According to the voltage of your battery the controller will adjust the charge current and decide if it needs to supply the electrical loads.
Managing Director, David Sothcott said, ‘Ultra Solar came about as a result of feedback from boat owners who wanted to install the original Ultra product but were unable to, due to lack of a suitable power supply. We have responded to that demand, and are excited that we can now offer a solution that makes the system available to all.’
Ultrasonic Antifouling Ltd has seen a massive rise in demand for its environmentally-friendly system, which uses high frequency, low power sound waves to destroy algae and therefore prevent weed and barnacle growth.
Characteristics of the new controller:
1.Overload protection
2.Short circuit protection
3.Reverse current protection
4.Reverse polarity connection protection
5.Thunder protection
6.Over discharge protection
7.Prevents draining of the battery to the solar panels over night
8.Low battery voltage cut off
9.Temperature compensation
10.Analogue circuit control
The prices are shown in Euros with an approximate US$ equivalent (at time of going to Press)
Pricing for the Ultra Solar Range
Ultra 10 Solar – €1,645 (2,268 US$) plus tax
Ultra 20 Solar – €2,445 (3,371 US$) plus tax
Solar Charger only – €575 (792 US$) plus tax
Pricing for additional options within the Ultrasonic Antifouling Range
Ultra 10 System, single transducer – €1,145 (1,579 US$) plus tax
Ultra 20 System, twin transducers – €2,145 (2,958 US$) plus tax
Ultra 10 dual voltage System, single transducer – €1,245 (1,716 US$) plus tax
Ultra 20 dual voltage System, twin transducers – €2,245 (3,096 US$) plus tax
To learn more about the system go to the website.
There are outlets in Europe already well established as dealers, and new dealers being appointed continually. To find out where your nearest dealer might be, click here.
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